6. Additional resources

6.3. Videos

  1. Videos on YouTube as a SMITER tutorial playlist.
  2. Vertical Displacement Equilibrium (VDE) heat flux analysis by Jonathan Coburn (ITER), 2020

6.4. PDF documents

  1. SMITER GUI pdf version can be found here.
  2. L. Kos, et al., SMITER: A field-line tracing environment for ITER, Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 146, Part B, September 2019, Pages 1796-1800, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.fusengdes.2019.03.037 arXiv preprint
  3. Work notes on file conversion PDF file can be found here.
  4. SMARDDA-PFC reference manual describing the FORTRAN code is available as PDF.
  5. SMITER MPI developer manual PDF.
  6. 3-D field line tracing simulations report PDF.
  7. SMITER 1.6.0 testing and v1.5 study conversion notes PDF

6.5. Indices and tables